Vernon Aviation was started in Farmington, NM by brothers George W. Riley III and Gary Riley. George and Gary are also owners of Riley Industrial Services, Inc., (an industrial contracting company) along with their father Sonny Riley and brother Glen Riley. Vernon Aviation was first started to fulfill the need of being able to travel to the other Riley Industrial satellite locations in Show Low, AZ, Lubbock, TX, Odessa, TX and return all in the same day. Previously by car, a two to three day trip. They purchased their first Cessna 414A. After seeing the benefits of having a private plane, the brothers saw the need for a charter air service in Farmington.

The brothers then purchased their second Cessna 414A and started applying to get an FAA 135 air charter certificate. It was a rigorous three year process to get the submittal paperwork approved. Once the certificate was approved, the requests for flights came flying in. Each Cessna can hold 4-5 passengers and can travel about 800 miles without refueling.

In March 2017, Gary and George decided to expand their fleet of planes and options to passengers by adding a larger, faster plane. They decided to purchase a Pilatus PC12. This aircraft is a single engine turboprop that can accommodate 9 passengers and can fly over double of the distance of the 414s without refueling. It can fly at 28,000 feet at 300 mph. In June of 2018, Vernon Aviation purchased a second Pilatus and we anticipate the purchase of a third in 2019.

Vernon Aviation’s motto is, “Where you need to go, when you need to be there.” Flying charter is convenient in many aspects. The first convenience is the amount of time a client saves. There is no need to be at the airport two hours early and there is more access to airports all over the country. No waiting, no removing shoes, no “only 3 ounces of liquids”, no digging in your luggage, and no pat downs or scans. Once a client arrives at Vernon’s Hangar, their luggage is loaded and the plane is off the ground in about fifteen minutes. Once the flight has landed at the destination, a rental car is waiting on the tarmac and the client leaves the airport. When it is time for the next flight, the rental car is driven back onto the tarmac and the flight is off the ground in minutes. Some more great aspects of flying charter are that clients can bring their pets inside the cabin for the flight, carry what they want or need, enjoy privacy, and don't have to worry about being removed from the aircraft due to overbooking. For business travelers, the cost of flying several people to a business trip and back in one day pales in comparison to the cost of extended days of travel and overnight expenses. Once you go Vernon, there will be no reversion to commercial flights.

Vernon Aviation is located at Hangar 11 in the Farmington, NM Airport but flies all over the country. As Vernon has grown, the need for charter flights out of Durango, Cortez and Pagosa Springs has increased. 50% of our charter flights originate in Colorado.

To learn more, please call (505) 564-9464.



Dylan Garrison


Dylan grew up in Aztec, NM and graduated from Aztec High School. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 11 years and they were overjoyed to bring home their first child this year.

Dylan is an athlete and is part of the Animas CrossFit community in Farmington, and he sometimes even tolerates running with his marathoner wife.

In February 2014, Dylan joined Vernon Aviation and eventually became the Director of Operations and Chief Pilot. In this demanding role, Dylan oversees all aspects of Vernon Aviation’s flight operations, both in the air and on the ground. Dylan’s background in commercial aviation, as well as his knowledge in fleet and pilot management are a strong benefit for the company. He enjoys having over 3500 hours of total flight time to his name and prides himself on his comprehensive experience flying throughout the U.S. and in Afghanistan.

Dylan brings more than 10 years of experience in aviation. Most recently, he was a Captain of King Air turboprops in Afghanistan in support of the U.S. Air Force’s efforts there. Prior to that he flew in support of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in various locations. He also served as an aircraft mechanic for a Virginia-based company.

He is a certified flight instructor and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Science from LeTourneau University. His love for aviation developed at an early age, and he is thrilled to be doing what he’s always dreamed of!

Mike Arnold



Mike is originally from Aztec, NM and grew up in San Juan County. He is married to his wife of 14 years.

Mike comes to Vernon Aviation as a lifelong aviation professional and has over 25 years in the cockpit of aircraft. He began taking flight instruction at age 14 and his first solo flight in an aircraft took place on his 16th birthday, one day before receiving his driver’s license. This was soon followed by an Instrument rating and Commercial pilot rating. Mike joined the United States Air Force while in college and attended Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB and the Joint Services-NATO flight training at Pensacola NAS, FL. After serving in several USAF Tactical fighter squadrons in the United States, Europe and Asia, Mike transitioned to civilian life and entered fulltime commercial aviation, first as a professional flight instructor in Glendale AZ where he was Chief Pilot and FAA Designated evaluator for his flight schools training program. He then flew for SkyWest Airlines under the banner of United Express, Delta Connection and Midwest Connect. While at the airline, Mike flew as a first officer and safety evaluator, and also continued to serve his country as a sworn Federal Law Enforcement Officer in the TSA Federal Flight Deck Officer program.

Mike holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (the highest FAA rating available) and is a Certified Flight Instructor for Single and Multi-engine aircraft, as well as Instrument training. He has amassed approximately 7000 hours of flight time in over 60 aircraft types and holds type ratings in the Canadair CL-65/850 and Embraer EMB 170/195 transport jets. He has been a member of the FAA Safety Team since 2007 and briefly served as an airport manager from 2013 to 2015 for the Aztec NM Municipal Airport.

In his spare time Mike can be found racing SCCA Vintage Sports Cars, off-road motorcycle racing and action pistol shooting.

He is a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor’s Degree in Military History, and has attended the USAF Squadron Officers School (Maxwell AFB), Squadron Leadership School (Kirtland AFB) Air Command and Staff College (Maxwell AFB), the USAF Warfare and Tactics Center (Nellis AFB) and the USAF Aircraft Mishap Investigation Course (Kirtland AFB). Mike also holds an active Law Enforcement Commission issued by the State of New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy, along with several other law enforcement trainers’ certifications