Tips For Flying Your Pet On Private Aircraft



Sophie, Brandy and Remy are lap dogs. When flying commercially, they are fortunate their weights allow them in the airliners’ main cabins rather than the cargo hold.

Despite this benefit, regulations won’t allow the dogs out of their carriers, which often have to be placed under the seat in front of their owners. As a result, whining soon ensues.

Whining and other signs of stress disappeared when the dogs’ owner purchased a Beechcraft® Baron® G58.

“We don’t have to serve them warm nuts, but they are more relaxed and seem happier,” said their owner, who flies with the dogs when commuting from his family’s home on the east coast to a home in the western United States.

It’s not the first-class amenities the three dogs are after. Routine and comfort—in this case, the lap of one of their owners—make flying privately less stressful than flying commercially.

Bringing pets on board a private aircraft can be less stressful for the pets and their owners and requires a small bit of planning.