vernon aviation offers valley residents A Jet-Set Experience


Scope out Scottsdale Airport, and you’ll likely be in awe of the elite jets flying in and out of the exclusive hub. The majority of us can only dream of weekend getaways via private aircraft- surely it’s a transportation of choice via the rich and famous. However, Valley residents might be surprised to learn of a new service granting affordable charter flights for business and pleasure.

Vernon Aviation is the Valley’s first Pilatus PC-12 charter service, and it’s not the cliché jet-based aviation company. Vernon Aviation makes flying in a private aircraft cost effective for just about anyone.

Ideal for families, business teams, friends and independent travelers, the Pilatus accommodates up to nine passengers and has a range of 1,500 miles non-stop. The Swiss aircraft manufacturer, Pilatus Aircraft, has built their reputation on innovation, comfortability, luxury and safety, giving fliers an experience they’ll never forget.